Welcome to Spendlove Art & Floral. My name is Meagan Spendlove. I am an artist and floral designer who lives in San Francisco, California. This site is an online gallery for both the art and floral designs I create. The art page includes select illustrations, paintings, and mural projects. While the floral page follows the growth of my new design studio and gallery of gardening adventures…

Photo taken while painting a mural in San Francisco, 2010

A bit of info about my creative background…

~ In 2010 I started working for the San Francisco Arts Commission as a contract muralist, and began to teach art classes at schools in the Bay Area. 

~ In 2015 I started experimenting with floral design and joined the Environmental Horticulture Department at CCSF to earn a certificate in Cut Flower and Nursery production. 

~ In 2018 I started working at the San Francisco Botanical Garden as a garden intern and horticulture management assistant. Then extended my services to the Japanese Tea Garden in 2021.

~ In 2021 I returned to work for the community market where I initially began to dabble in floral design. This time as the floral manager.

Currently, I am living with my husband and three children in a little cottage by the sea. I am also over the moon about my new design studio space and aspiring cut flower garden. 

Thank You,
Meagan Spendlove